International Moving To Germany

Moving To Germany

If you are planning on international moving from the U.S to Germany, whether to Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne, Neighborhood Parcel Movers has the expertise and the local knowledge to tailor the international move to your specific needs and budget. Whether you are looking for more business opportunities, want to live in Europe or in a small, relaxed German city, relocating to Germany would definitely be the right choice for you. Germany has always been a popular expat destination, and can not only boast a strong economy, but a rich cultural and historical heritage. Germany is a multicultural and heterogeneous European country, with the third largest number of migrants in the world, where you will certainly be able to find a lifestyle that fits you, and where you’ll enjoy a modern infrastructure and a high quality of life.

Moving To Germany

So you’re preparing to pack and move to Germany from the U.S? There are a number of matters to consider. This is a short list of some of the important things to keep in mind: You can probably bring in your household goods and car free of duty and taxes if you plan to stay there awhile. But be warned that U.S cars must often be modified to meet German standards in such things as headlights, emissions, brakes, rust and tires.

German electrical grid voltage is 220-240 volts, double the 110 volts in the USA and Canada. Plugging many 110-volt devices into that current can destroy them. Fortunately, North Americans will be discouraged from making this mistake because of the wall plug. The prongs on the German ones are round instead of flat, so theirs won’t go into a German electric outlet.

How Much Does a Move to Germany Cost?

Cost is an important factor when planning an overseas move to Germany. Schedule a home survey with us to receive the most accurate estimate to ship your goods to Germany. One of our trained international moving specialists will visit your home to assess your belongings and determine the cubic footage of your shipment. You will then receive a free quote to ship your goods and be provided with the services you require. You can chose from our fast Air Cargo service or our most affordable ocean shipping service with a simple call to (978)851-0199 or Request a Free Moving Quote

Moving To Berlin Germany

International Moving Tips

International Moving company

International Moving Tips

As an experienced international moving company, we realize the importance of packing. When goods travel overseas, it is imperative that they are protected and secure for the long transit, ensuring their damage-free arrival at your new destination. Learn about packing techniques, including protective measures to take, what type of moving supplies to use, the proper way to pack and other tips for protecting your goods for an international relocation. We have the experience, expertise and moving supplies to protect your goods from the extra stress of international air and ocean cargo. Additionally, we can help you adhere to the stringent shipping requirements and heightened security measures in the current global environment.

Neighborhood Parcel packing staff can ensure that your belongings are properly protected for your international move.

Here’s how we go about packing the right way:

  • All our packing materials, moving supplies and boxes are industry rated for shipping.
  • All glass and crystal will be individually wrapped prior to packaging.
  • Cartons will be taped across top, bottom, and T-taped.
  • All rugs and carpets will be rolled and wrapped in plastic.
  • Customer’s name and contents will be marked on each carton.

International Moving Guide

Use this informative guide to educate yourself on the best tips and tools for a successful international move experience. By using our International Moving service, you can benefit from the expertise we have gained by coordinating thousands of international moves every year as a renowned international moving company. Learn tips about protecting, padding and packing your goods; making the most of your money and cost-efficiency; what to do upon arrival and customs clearance information. We know that Moving overseas to a foreign country is an exciting decision. When you move, you create a whole new lifestyle for you and your family. You open up a world of new cultures. And you discover the wonders of a new environment.

When it comes to international shipping of your household goods overseas, you can feel confident that they’ll be carefully containerized for export. Depending on your individual circumstances, your shipment may be loaded into containers at your residence or at our agent’s warehouse. To get started, call (978)851-0199 or get a Free Quote