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Less Than Container Load

LCL – Less Container Load, LCL shipping is a good way to ship large orders and items that are large or heavy. LCL shipping is based primarily on volume with a minimum shipment volume of one cubic meter. Less than container load is a shipment that will not fill a container. With an LCL shipment, you pay for your load to be shipped in a container with one or more loads from other customers of the freight transport provider. If you know that you cannot fill even a 20-foot container, LCL is the most sensible option in terms of cost and convenience.

When using LCL shipping services, you need not worry about returning the container after delivery. Because you are sharing the container, it is the concern of the shipping container service company, which is likely to have return trips booked for that LCL container. Shippers using LCL need be concerned only about the load being shipped and nothing else.

boston moving QuoteHere at Neighborhood Parcel we offer International LCL cargo shipping service because we know that you may not necessarily always fill an entire container. Less than container load international shipping is a great way to ship small loads of cargo, ensuring they arrive in a timely manner and they don’t sit around waiting for you to accumulate enough orders to accommodate a full container load shipment.

Our LCL cargo shipping service is also a great way for Boston customers and local residents with an increasing demand for freight shipping to get a taste for the quality of service we offer, as they move onto bigger consignments, requiring expert help. We’ll pick your freight up from your door, and work hard to get it delivered to its destination safely and on time.

When it comes to international ocean and Air Cargo shipping you’d be ill-advised to settle for the first service you lay eyes on. It’s something that requires a little research, it’s a case spending a little time looking at the different companies out there – and seeing what they bring to the table. Small cargo shipping might seem like a fairly straight forward task, but the safety of your freight will always be on your mind, so it’s important you entrust it with a company who can deliver what they promise. Call us today for a Free Quote (978)851-0199



Packaging Service

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Boston Packaging Service

Our Boston-based Packaging Services are among the best and premier Moving and packaging service provider in New England. For over a decade we have provided cost-effective packaging solutions and unrivaled service to a variety of clients, including Business and Residential industries. We take all necessary measures to ensure our customer’s success by applying the necessary expertise to ensure your project is completed on time and to the highest professional standards.
Large or odd-shaped items, such as golf clubs or surfboards, often require specialized packaging. We offer custom handling and packing, from blanket wrap to custom cartons, crating, shrink-wrapping and palatalizing. Our friendly staff can advise you on the best packaging method needed for your item(s).

Shipping electronics? Our Store has a suite of retention packaging solutions that provide protection for your laptops, cable boxes, tablets, smartphones and other electronics. Our Boston packaging service provides the following benefits:

 Packaging Benefits

  • Secure and protect the product in place to reduce damage risk.
  • Can meet all International Shipping requirements.
  • 100% Of our Cardboard boxes are recyclable and reusable.
  • Professional Packaging with all Label Markings.
  • Affordable rates

You don’t need to shop around for the best way to send your package or the lowest rates because we are your one-stop shop.  We ship with partners including FedEx, UPS, and the U.S. Postal service.  Rest assured we’ll find the best solution for your next move. Our packing professionals have the expertise and know how to protect your assets from shock, vibration, moisture and breakage. We will consider the needs of the item and pack and safeguard your items during the shipping process. Neighborhood Parcel handles all your packaging and shipping needs from pickup to delivery. Call Us today (978)851-0199 or Get free Packaging Quote

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